'More free time': Edmonton’s 'Breezy for mayor' pitches 20-hour work week

Edmonton mayoral candidate Brian "Breezy" Gregg. (Source: Facebook/Breezy for Mayor)

A man who is trying to become the “first rock and roll mayor of Edmonton” dropped a big idea this week, one that’ll make it easier for workers to take it easy.

Brian ‘Breezy’ Gregg - a well-known busker on city streets, now one of 11 candidates on the ballot for mayor - thinks Edmontonians are working too much.

“In hunter-gatherer societies, people worked 20 hours a week, OK. What are we doing? Like, are we advanced?” he asked during a forum Wednesday night organized by Edmonton Public Library.

“We need more free time. We need higher pay, shorter hours. We need free time so that we can get to education, so we can have a social life and so we can spend time with our families.”

Gregg’s response was to a question about how candidates will “build a city that is welcoming, inclusive and values talent development.”

Other candidates answered with points about more internships, buying from local companies and keeping housing affordable.

Canada considers 40 hours a standard week for federally regulated workers.

Alberta labour laws specify overtime as anything more than eight hours a day and 44 hours a week, however, there are 14 industries and 13 job classifications with exemptions to this rule.

The election is Monday, Oct. 18, and advance voting began on Monday.