More Manitobans will be able to receive a third dose of a COVID-19 vaccine: memo

Manitoba health-care workers and people who didn't receive an mRNA shot will soon be able to receive a third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

In a memo obtained by CTV News, the Manitoba government said a third dose is being recommended for health-care workers at least six months after their second dose.

"Emerging evidence suggests that immunity to a complete series of COVID-19 vaccination wanes over time, at least with respect to symptomatic infection," the memo said.

The third dose will be for health-care personnel who have direct contact with patients, residents and clients.

The dose will be available for those who work at:

· Hospitals;

· Northern nursing stations operated by the Manitoba government;

· Personal care homes or supportive housing facilities;

· Facilities operated by Shared Health, regional health authorities, Addictions Foundation of Manitoba or an organization that has a funding agreement with Shared Health or a regional authority;

· Mental health facilities or addictions treatment facilities run by the government;

· Physicians, pharmacists, and nurses who provide direct patient care.

The memo also mentions the third dose should be the same mRNA shot as before, if possible

Manitobans who received viral vector shots – i.e. two doses of AstraZeneca or one shot of the Johnson & Johnson - will also be able to get a third dose.

The memo recommends they also receive a third dose at least six months after their last dose.

If people got one viral vector shot and one mRNA shot, they are not recommended to get a third dose.

Third doses can be offered to people at any vaccine location in the province.

Manitobans who qualify for the third dose can find a physician offering booster shots at

Doctors Manitoba recommends people should talk to their doctors if they have questions about the vaccine.