More sexual enhancement products, workout supplements seized in B.C. by Health Canada

These products, and several others, were seized by Health Canada from Lower Mainland stores. (Health Canada)

Dozens of "sexual enhancement" products and workout supplements sold in B.C. shops were seized and recently added to Health Canada's list of unauthorized products.

In recent months, thousands of unauthorized items were taken off shelves of Lower Mainland stores with the public being warned the products could pose "serious health risks."

The latest product seizures happened at retail stores and warehouses in Vancouver, Delta, Maple Ridge, Surrey, Abbotsford, New Westminster and Coquitlam.

Many of the products were found to have tadalafil when tested. According to Health Canada, tadalafil is a prescription drug used to treat erectile dysfunction.

It should only be used under a doctor's supervision, because it can cause life-threateningly low blood pressure when combined with certain medications, and comes with a risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular side effects in people with heart problems, Health Canada said.

One ingredient found in many of the workout supplements was yohimbine, which is also a prescription drug. The federal health agency said using yohimbine can lead to "serious adverse reactions," especially for those with high blood pressure, or heart, kidney or liver disease.

The products added to Health Canada's are just the latest to join dozens of other previously identified unauthorized workout supplements and sexual enhancement products, including "Lucky Lady" and "ResERECTION."

Anyone who's been using any of the products listed below is told to stop taking it immediately, and to contact their doctor if they have health concerns. They're also asked to report the products to Health Canada.

According to Health Canada's list, which was updated on May 5, these products were seized from various retail locations across the Lower Mainland:

  • Magnum Gold 24K (sexual enhancement)
  • Magnum XXL 9800 (sexual enhancement)
  • Members Only Sexual Performance Supplement (sexual enhancement)
  • MV7 Days Extreme 3500 (sexual enhancement)
  • MV7 Days Power Gummy (sexual enhancement)
  • Iron Brothers Thermo Burn (workout supplement)
  • MYO-BURN (workout supplement)
  • MYO-CARD (workout supplement)
  • MYO-HER (workout supplement)
  • MYO-HGH (workout supplement)
  • MYO-LGD (workout supplement)
  • MYO-RAD (workout supplement)
  • MYO-SLEEP (workout supplement)
  • MYO-STA (workout supplement)
  • MYO-S4 (workout supplement)
  • MYO-SR (workout supplement)
  • MYO-YK (workout supplement)
  • MYO-TKO in blue raspberry, fruit punch, fuzzy peach, grape candy, pineapple mango and sour gummies flavours (workout supplement)
  • Limited Gangster Series MYO-TKO in blueberry pomegranate, cherry cola and watermelon flavours (workout supplement)

With files from CTV News Vancouver's Kendra Mangione and Meagan Gill