With severe winds and a mix of freezing rain and snowfall expected in Regina Wednesday night, the City is working to keep the streets safe from the conditions.

“The City and it’s contractor support is prepared with upwards of 50 pieces of equipment, to provide any snow clearing or ice control needs,” Tyler Bien, Manager Roadways & Seasonal Operations, said.

On Wednesday morning, the primary focus of City crews was to provide ice control on busy roads and intersections as well as monitor road sections prone to blowing snow. Sander trucks are continuously monitoring and applying sand or salt major roadways, hospital and transit routes, commercial areas and areas near schools, as needed.

“For the most part with the wet conditions we are experiencing now, the sand and the salt will stick to the roads. The 100 kilometres per hour winds will blow snow on top of that but we routinely cycle the high speed roads, the major intersections,” Bien said.

If wind speeds are measured at 65 kilometres per hour or wind gusts equal or exceed 90 kilometres per hour the Landfill will close operations and not accept waste until the weather passes.

“That’s primarily for safety reasons for the customers that may be coming in there, as well as the employees just in terms of flying debris. Also our permit requires us to keep all of the waste on site so the wind, obviously with a high wind, it will complicate that as well,” Faisal Kalim, Manager of solid waste operations said.

Residents are encouraged to take extra caution when driving. The City says if snowfall exceeds five centimetres, a systematic plow would begin on Category 1 and 2 roads including expressways, arterials and hospital routes.

“Our timelines for category ones is 24 hours, category two’s 36, and goes down the road from there,” Bien said.

The City reminds residents that during severe weather city services like recycling and garbage pickup may be delayed. Transit users should check for any changes.

The City also wants to remind residents that it offers free sand for public use to keep your sidewalks and driveways safe. A list of those pickup locations can be found on the City website.