More Vancouver Island schools report COVID-19 exposures; 22 schools in 2 weeks

COVID-19 exposures have been reported at two more Vancouver Island schools this week.

Exposures were reported at Colquitz Middle School in Victoria and at Errington Elementary School in Errington, according to their respective school districts.

At Colquitz Middle School, an exposure occurred on April 26, according to the Greater Victoria School District.

Meanwhile, at Errington Elementary, an exposure occurred on April 22.

"Island Health staff have initiated contact tracing to identify individuals needing to self-isolate or self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms," said the Qualicum School District in a notice Wednesday.

"Anyone who has not received a phone call from public health officials is advised to continue to attend school and monitor for COVID-19 symptoms as per BCCDC guidelines noted in the daily health check form," said the school district.

The two schools have not yet been added to Island Health's online list of school exposures as of Friday morning.

There are currently 20 schools listed on Island Health's exposure list, not including Colquitz Middle School and Errington Elementary. Each school remains on the list until 14 days after its most recent exposure.

Colquitz Middle School has experienced a COVID-19 exposure. The date of potential exposure occurred on April 26, 2021. Notification letters have been sent to the school community.

— Greater Victoria SD (@sd61schools) April 30, 2021