Update (published Friday, Oct. 04):

WINNIPEG -- In a tweet, the R.M. of Morris said the boil water advisory has been rescinded, describing it as a precautionary measure. It thanked people for patience and understanding.

Earlier (published Thursday, Oct. 3):

WINNIPEG -- A boil water advisory has been issued for the Morris, Man., regional public water system, after routine tests of water sampled on Tuesday detected total coliform bacteria.

The province said water used for consumption -- i.e. for drinking, making ice, and preparing mixed beverages like baby formula – and for brushing teeth, and washing fruits and vegetables should be brought to a rolling boil for at least one minute. If it’s not possible to boil water, the province said to use water from an alternate source, like bottled water.

Water used for laundry or washing dishes doesn’t have to be boiled, the province said.

According to the advisory, adults and older kids can wash themselves in the water if they’re able to make sure they don’t swallow it, but young children should be sponge bathed.

The province also advised people take precautions when boiling water, such as placing kettles and pots away from counter and stove edges, in order to prevent burns.

There was no timeline given for when the advisory may be rescinded; the province said it will stay in effect until it no longer presents a public health risk.

On its website, the Town of Morris said people with questions can call the drinking water officer at 204-795-9614.

A list of Manitoba communities and semi-public water systems under drinking water advisories is available on the province’s website.