Mother Nature provides picture perfect fall colours in Algonquin Park

"Absolutely beautiful," Nick Vritsios takes in the breathtaking fall colours at Algonquin Park.

It's Mother Nature at her best with the fall colours at 100 per cent and leaf fall at 10 per cent, making for some incredible photo opportunities.

Thanksgiving long weekend is typically a busy three days for the park, and Steven Kearney doesn't anticipate any difference this year.

"We're expecting to reach our capacity limit within a few days actually before the weekend happens," he notes. "We have a lot of international travellers. We have travellers from all over the province as well as the rest of Canada."

Access to the park is by permit only, and this year, passes can be purchased online up to five days before visiting.

Peter and Joan Preager arrived at Algonquin Park Wednesday from Wasaga Beach and said they purposely visited during the week to avoid weekend crowds.

"We are retired, so we have a lot of opportunity, and we're photographers, so we're here to take lots of pictures," Peter adds.

The park has a 1,500 vehicle per day limit.

Those who don't have permits can still drive through the park but won't have access to any amenities.