Move-in day looks different on St. Clair College campus

Move-in day at St. Clair College campus in Windsor, Ont., on Saturday, Sept. 4, 2021. (Alana Hadadean / CTV Windsor)

It’s a big weekend for students across the region as they prepare to move into residence.

“Pretty excited. It’s a big new step for me,” says St. Clair College first year medical laboratory science student Xavier Mohammed.

It’s also a day filled with mixed emotions for many parents and students.

“It’s hard, but it’s an amazing opportunity for her,” says parents Tania and Greg Campbell.

“It’s going to be sad to say goodbye, but it’s going to be fun,” says 18-year-old student, Tristan Harrington.

For the past week, 350 students have been getting settled into their new dorms at St. Clair College, but with new COVID-19 protocols in place, move-in looks a little different this year.

“This year we are allowing double occupancy in Windsor,” says St. Clair College residence, general manager Aaron Grass. “We are also requiring all residents to be fully vaccinated to live in residence unless there is an exemption.”

“It’s good to have schools open and we have to do whatever we can to keep people safe,” says Xavier Mohammed.

“Knowing that they are all double vaccinated, gives me a peace of mind that he’s staying here,” says Xavier’s mother, Sheriza Mohammed.

Students have to book a one-hour time slot and are only allowed one person to help them move their belongings inside.

“All I had time to do once she was loaded was help her make her bed, put her computer out and I had to leave. It was that fast and poor Greg and Keira had a sit here in the parking lot and wait,” says Tania Campbell.

“There’s a lot of pressure to make sure that everything is moved in, in that one hour so I hope that we get everything settled for him,” says Sheriza Mohammed.

“We tried to make sure we got everything ready and packed so it would be way easier to offload,” says Xavier Mohammed.

At the University of Windsor, residence services department head Diane Rawlings says Saturday is the first day of a soft move-in for 545 students.

“Most of our students will be moving in today and tomorrow. Certainly the health and safety of our students is the most important and as a result of that we have structured our move-in so that we ensured physical distancing requirements. So what you’ll see today is the students will be moving into the Alumni Hall and the rest of our students will be moving in the upcoming days.”

As students continue to move in, they remain hopeful for a normal school year.

“I’m happy to start school up and I’m happy to be on residence,” says Harrington.

“Once I get settled into residence I’m looking forward to the new year and the school supports the students the best they can,” says Mohammed.