As votes continue to be counted in key states across the U.S., some frustrated Americans are adamant that they will move to Canada depending on whether Republican President Donald Trump or Democrat Joe Biden wins the election.

While the seriousness of vows to emigrate remains to be seen, one police department in a state along the U.S.-Canada border is offering tongue-in-cheek travel advice for those looking to make the move.

In a post to its Facebook page, the Bangor Police Department in Maine asked fleeing Americans to reconsider using the state as a point of exit to the "wonderful country" of Canada.

"Maine has many readily available access points to the land of the maple leaf, but we don't want to see you right now because we are still washing the sheets from when you visited last summer," the police department wrote in the Nov. 3 post.

"We will call when it is time to visit again. Please choose other routes to escape the results of the national election, whatever that result might be."

The partly tongue-in-cheek election day post has since garnered more than 11,000 reactions.

Police also asked fleeing Americans to use a boat or aircraft to "gain access to the land of the majestic— poutine-fattened— beaver," but to keep in mind that "Canadians did not really invite you to come over anyway."

While the U.S.-Canada border is currently closed to all non-essential travel due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Bangor Police Department warned citizens that Canadian officials at border crossings won’t be as kind and welcoming as they may think.

"The ladies and gents who are armed and slightly truculent seem to have a little bit of badger in them. Please do not try their patience. Go back to your homes and reassess your travel plans," the police department wrote.

If Americans feel they must move to Canada, Bangor Police urged them to use other border access points in addition to calling ahead for reservations, using an inside voice during those phone conversations, and have one's passport in hand.

The police department reminded fleeing U.S. citizens to not bring with them mace, pepper spray, firearms, weapons, excessive amounts of alcohol, or "your poor attitude."

"They just won't put up with your nonsense," police said.

Despite the jokes, moving to Canada is not as easy as simply packing up and heading north. Becoming an immigrant to Canada is a complicated endeavour with several streams and varying rates of success.

Bangor Police concluded their advice by reminding Maine residents that officers will continue to enforce state laws with "no malice or favor given based on the candidate" Americans elect as president.

Bangor police asked people to remain calm no matter the outcome of the U.S. election amid reports that violence might erupt after the results are final.

"Keep your hands to yourself, leave other people's things alone, and be kind to one another...especially over the coming weeks," the police department said.