Muskoka lawn bowling club adding croquet to its offerings

There is a new activity for people in Bracebridge looking to spend time outdoors.

The Muskoka Lawn Bowling Club, which first opened in 2017, has added golf croquet to its list of options. The club's president first started playing the game while in Florida and thought there was an interest in Muskoka.

"We hope to get more of the members out playing as well as bring out some people from the public," says Sally Mills, the president of the club. "It's a sport that is low-impact, it's safe, and we're always physically distanced. The only thing you touch is the ballots, and then we sanitize them after use. It's ideally suited to any age, any ability; you don't have to be athletic to play."

The club is based on the Muskoka Highlands Golf Course. While it's typical for white clothing to be worn, there is no specification for what to wear with this club. Equipment to play is provided with the monthly membership.

"I love croquet for the strategy," says Mills. "It's very important to understand the strategy, work with your partner and be accurate. There's nothing like planning a shot and actually making that shot. It's a fabulous feeling."

If you want more information on how to join, click here.