'My life's work is burnt to the ground': Horse community rallies after fire destroys barn near Woodstock

Woodstock's horse community is rallying to support a woman whose barn burned down early Sunday morning.

"It's devastating, it feels like my life's work is burnt to the ground," said barn owner Jessica Strachan.

In mere days, hundreds of practical donations have been collected at the barn. A fundraiser has also been set up to raise money to help with the rebuild and take care of the horses.

"It's devastating, but in another way, it's very uplifting," Strachan said. "I just feel so much more hope."

"You can so relate to this tragedy, so I felt like I needed to help in some way," said Teresa Hughes, who left a donation at the barn.

"Today I didn't know these people at all," said Kayla Lauppe, who also donated. "I came and drop it off and it's like I've known them for years."

All 11 horses boarded in the barn were safe and outside at the time of the fire, but two pigs perished.

The local fire chief said the cause of the fire is still unknown and under investigation.

"It's turning out to be better in that people are here for me and I know I'm not alone cause it's definitely every horse person's worst nightmare," said Hanna Ross, who boarded her horse Sunny at the barn.

Despite the devastation caused by the blaze, Strachan says she's grateful for the community.

"I'm absolutely overwhelmed by the love and support that people have brought, it's just absolutely amazing," she said.