'My Mama is a Superhero': Daughter inspires Moose Jaw woman to write children's book about her wheelchair, disabilities

A Moose Jaw woman has written a book to help explain wheelchairs and disabilities to children.

Lindsey Stephenson’s initial inspiration to write “My Mama is a Super Hero” came after a bedtime conversation with her young daughter Ella.

“We were just chatting about her day at school when she [my daughter] recounted a conversation with another child who asked about my wheelchair and disability,” Stephenson said in an interview with CTV Morning Live Regina.

“[My daughter] mentioned to them that in her eyes my disability was more of a superpower and my wheelchair is something I need to use as a result of that.”

Another motivation for Stephenson to write her book was the lack of characters in mainstream media and stories with disabilities.

“When I was growing up I didn’t have any books with characters that I could relate to,” she said.

Stephenson further believes books like hers is also an opportunity to introduce young children to diversity and inclusion at an early age.

“I think it can help them be more accepting and realize that we have more in common than we do differently,” she said.

Stephenson said the story is based on her entire family and late pet dog who passed away last year.

“I have to say though that Ella is the true superhero for having had this discussion with a friend of hers and being able to explain diversity and inclusion in the way that she did. I am just the proud mom who gets to tell her story,” Stephenson said.

“My Mama is a Superhero” is currently available on Amazon.

Stevenson said anyone who wants to discuss diversity and inclusion or the book itself can reach out via her website, Lindseycstephenson.com.