N.B. 'Battle of the Arts' showcases diverse array of local artists

How do you cultivate creativity? A group of New Brunswick artists say the answer is giving young, emerging talents a place to showcase their art in style.

New Brunswick’s ‘Battle of the Arts’ has been putting Black artists of all mediums in the spotlight for more than 10 years.

Saa Andrew created the unique program with the goal of helping newcomers to the province display their diverse talents.

"We see talents coming here in our community. A lot of our newcomers come, they don't bring money but they bring a wealth of talents with them that make the community greater,” said Saa Andrew, coordinator of Battle of the Arts NB.

The Battle of the Arts wants to harness those talents - including visual arts, poetry, dance and more - with mentorships.

“We create the opportunities, so I look at mentors and I look at my colleagues who have studios, who are visual art professionals, or creating a stage where they need a performer or there's a big show,” Andrew said.

Andrew says the battle isn’t one against other artists, but rather a battle to foster community, and growth by getting performers in front of likeminded individuals.

"Fighting for themself, fighting to excel… getting your own position on arts, that's what I want,” says Andrew. “It's not a competition of battling, no, the competition is you battling yourself…to become successful..”

The Battle of the Arts goal is for newcomer performers to create roots and blossom in the Maritimes.

"New Brunswick is our home now, and we're going to stay here and we're going to help this province become better and more welcoming and the avenue we are using is art,” said Andrew.

Battle of the Arts will be live streaming performances on YouTube every second weekend until November 20.