New Brunswick Finance Minister Ernie Steeves shows off his new shoes on March 9, 2020, a day before the provincial budget was set to be tabled.

New Brunswick Finance Minister Ernie Steeves says his second budget has met his goal of reaching a $125-million surplus.

The minister took part in the traditional shoe photo Monday morning, a day before the budget is supposed to be tabled.

This budget is a critical one for the Blaine Higgs government. It may not have the support of enough MLAs in the New Brunswick legislature, which could lead to an election call.

Steeves says he met with the provincial Green party and the People’s Alliance party to brief them on the details of the budget.

Meanwhile, the departments of health and social development will see “significant” increases to their budgets.

Steeves also mentioned there could be a tax reduction in the budget, saying it has been a priority for the Higgs government.

NB finance minister Ernie Steeves did the traditional shoe photo today- and says his second budget will include a $125 million surplus. #nbpoli @CTVAtlantic pic.twitter.com/x9LA4jiCmj

— Laura Brown (@LauraBrownCTV) March 9, 2020

He also said Health and Social Development will see “significant” increases. He alluded to some tax relief too. #nbpoli

— Laura Brown (@LauraBrownCTV) March 9, 2020

Steeves admits the numbers were put together before the current economic situation- but he feels NB, without a case of COVID, is still in okay shape. #nbpoli

— Laura Brown (@LauraBrownCTV) March 9, 2020

He says there are sectors that are already seeing impacts - like lobster, and things like furniture (fabrics from China). #nbpoli

Steeves says he briefed the Greens and PANB on the budget, but not the Liberals, saying there wasn’t really a point.

The Liberals have said they’ll be voting against the budget, no matter what’s in it. #nbpoli

— Laura Brown (@LauraBrownCTV) March 9, 2020