A Fredericton judge has sentenced a 53-year-old man to 54 months in prison on child pornography charges.

Robert Allan Love was charged on June 1 for possession of child pornography and making available child pornography.

On Nov. 20, Love was sentenced on both charges to 36 months and 54 months respectively. He will serve both sentences at the same time, for a total of 54 months.

Love's arrest was a result of a New Brunswick RCMP investigation that began in June 2019.

On Jan. 16, RCMP executed a search warrant at a home in Lincoln, N.B., where they seized “several electronic devices.” Love was arrested at the scene.

RCMP say Love will spend the rest of his life on the National Sex Offender Registry. He will have to submit a DNA sample and, when released from prison, will have to follow court conditions, such as not being around children.