N.B. reports one COVID-19 related death, 53 new cases Monday as active cases drop to 849

New Brunswick is announcing one COVID-19 related death on Monday, bringing the total number of people who have died of the disease in the province to 91.

The latest death involves a person in their 70s in the Campbellton region (Zone 5).

“I am sorry for the loss of another person to this virus,” said Premier Blaine Higgs in a release. “The last few days we have seen a downward trend in case numbers and higher numbers of daily recoveries than new cases. This is a reminder of the importance of following the rules, as doing so works and will allow us to continue on the path we are currently on.”

“My condolences to the loved ones of the person who has died due to COVID-19,” added Dr. Jennifer Russell, chief medical officer of health. “I encourage everyone to do everything within their power, including following all restrictions currently in place and getting vaccinated if you are eligible, so that we can protect ourselves, our loved ones and our fellow New Brunswickers.”

The province has reported 21 COVID-19 related deaths since Friday, Oct. 8.


Health officials in New Brunswick are also reporting 53 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday, along with 138 recoveries, as the total number of active cases in the province drops to 849.

According to health officials, 33 of Monday's 53 new cases, or 62 per cent, are unvaccinated. Seven cases, or 13 per cent, are partially vaccinated, and 13 cases, or 25 per cent, are fully vaccinated.

The province says there are currently 61 people in hospital in New Brunswick due to COVID-19, with 20 in an intensive care unit. Of those currently in hospital, 31 are unvaccinated, five are partially vaccinated, and 25 are fully vaccinated.

Of the 20 people in the ICU, none are fully vaccinated, 18 are unvaccinated, and two are partially vaccinated.


Pharmacist Alistair Bursey will spend part of this week at a long-term care home administering COVID-19 booster shots to residents, many of whom received their last dose eight or nine months ago.

"You know, they are probably one of the more vulnerable groups if you look at the risk factors so we definitely want to get out there and take care of them quickly," Bursey said.

COVID-19 boosters -- or third doses -- started this month - along with the flu vaccine campaign.

Bursey will be administering both at the same time.

Inside his pharmacy, he says they're seeing a steady number of people -- 30 or 40 a day -- coming in looking for the COVID-19 vaccine.

And he's hearing a number of reasons why they're seeking it now.

"They know someone or know of someone who has passed because of it," Bursey said. "They say 'you know what? This is really serious stuff, and I need to come and get the vaccine.' Some of it is with regards to the mandate that came down where people have to get it for work or what not."


New Brunswick has had 5,846 cumulative cases of COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic.

In total, 4,905 people have recovered and 91 people have died in the province from COVID-19.

Public health says a total of 506,943 COVID-19 tests have been processed since the start of the pandemic.

The number of cases are broken down by New Brunswick’s seven health zones:

  • Zone 1 – Moncton region: 1,666 confirmed cases (296 active cases)
  • Zone 2 – Saint John region: 543 confirmed cases (77 active cases)
  • Zone 3 – Fredericton region: 1,227 confirmed cases (169 active cases)
  • Zone 4 – Edmundston region: 1,360 confirmed cases (127 active case)
  • Zone 5 – Campbellton region: 617 confirmed cases (128 active cases)
  • Zone 6 – Bathurst region: 282 confirmed cases (22 active cases)
  • Zone 7 – Miramichi region: 151 confirmed cases (30 active cases)

Twenty new cases were reported in the Moncton region (Zone 1) involving:

  • six people age 19 and under
  • two people in their 20s
  • ten people in their 30s
  • two people in their 40s

All 20 cases are under investigation.

Four new cases were reported in the Saint John region (Zone 2) involving:

  • two people in their 50s
  • one person in their 60s
  • one person in their 70s

All four cases under investigation

Six new cases were reported in the Fredericton region (Zone 3) involving:

  • one person in their 50s
  • three people in their 60s
  • two people in their 70s

All six cases are under investigation

Ten new cases were reported in the Edmundston region (Zone 4) involving:

  • one person age 19 and under
  • one person in their 30s
  • two people in their 40s
  • three people in their 50s
  • two people in their 70s
  • one person age 90 and over

All 10 cases are under investigation.

Eleven new cases were reported in the Campbellton region (Zone 5) involving:

  • two people ages 19 and under
  • one person in their 20s
  • three people in their 30s
  • three people in their 50s
  • two people in their 60s

All 11 cases are under investigation

One new case was reported in the Bathurst region (Zone 6) involving a person in their 80s who is a contact of a previously confirmed case.

One new case was reported in the Miramichi region (Zone 7) involving a person age 19 and under who is a contact of a previously confirmed case.


As of Monday, 82.5 per cent of New Brunswickers age 12 and older are fully vaccinated and 91.5 per cent have received their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

In total, 1,211,475 vaccine doses have been administered in New Brunswick.

All provincial government employees, staff in long-term care facilities and staff and volunteers in schools and licensed early learning and child-care facilities must be fully vaccinated by Friday, Nov. 19.

All eligible New Brunswickers can book their second dose appointments now for a date that is at least 28 days after their first dose.


A full list of potential COVID-19 exposure notifications in New Brunswick can be found on the province's website.

Anyone with symptoms of the virus, as well as anyone who has been at the site of a possible public exposure, is urged to request a test online or call Tele-Care at 811 to get an appointment.