The SPCA is investigating an alleged case of reptile abuse in southern New Brunswick.

It's an investigation that was sparked after a video was posted on social media.

The disturbing video, which shows a bearded dragon being abused, has gone viral. The reptile appears to be taken from its tank, then taunted as it's fed what appears to be alcohol before drinks are then poured on it.

The video was brought to the attention of the New Brunswick SPCA by multiple people.

"I believe it was three, three separate ones from different people, same video, concerning the same Facebook video, but it was three different callers," said Tony Porter, the New Brunswick SPCA's chief animal protection officer.

Those calls sparked an investigation into the alleged case of animal abuse, and while the SPCA says it cannot confirm exactly where and when it happened, the organization does say it was within the city of Saint John and appears to have happened recently.

"The officer was able to find where that animal was, he attended that location, seized the animal and took it to one of the local veterinarians in the Saint John area to be assessed," Porter said.

The animal was seized Monday and the SPCA says it appeared to be OK.

"We take it to the veterinarian to get their professional assessment on that, which we do not have at this time, and once it's assessed, if it's OK to be relocated for the time being while the investigation is ongoing, that's going to be done," Porter said.

The New Brunswick SPCA is asking anyone with information to come forward.

They want anyone who witnessed the incident or has first-hand knowledge to report it to their hotline.