N.B. surfer pens meaningful musical tribute to Petitcodiac River

Melvin Perez's passion for surfing started at a young age growing up in Costa Rica.

He was always headed to the beach, but when he moved to Riverview, N.B., nine years ago, he didn't think he'd be hanging ten quite as often -- until he found the Petitcodiac River.

"In the first weeks that I was here, by accident I saw the tidal bore coming and then I got right away surprised, and because I'm a surfer, I knew that wave had potential for surf," said Perez.

Since then, he's been surfing the famous tidal bore that flows up through the river whenever he can.

But for Perez being on the water is about so much more than just catching waves.

"With all the things that was happening around the river in the last couple of years, with the beginning of the construction of the bridge, and the replacing of the causeway, all these moments were touching me, touching me, more and more," said the singer/songwriter.

Perez's passion for the waterway and bridge that crosses over it inspired him to write a song.

"It really pays tribute to the majesty of the river and the mystery of the river," says Colleen Furlotte, a local filmmaker.

With the help of Furlotte and audio engineer John Maher, Perez released the music video for his song "The Bridge" on Friday.

A very fitting day, because after months of construction, the bridge connecting Moncton and Riverview finally re-opened.

"I want to dedicate this song to the bridge and also to the river, and to all the people who have worked so hard for many years to bring this project alive," Perez said.

Said Furlotte: "To be able to have this creative collaboration and to have this visual and auditory representation of our love for the river and the respect for the healing that is taking place and the celebration of the bridge opening it's just really meaningful."