Briana Fougere Mattie and Stephen Mattie decided to move their wedding day up a year after Briana was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer, giving them only two weeks to plan the big day. (Lisa Delorey photography)

Briana Fougere Mattie and Stephen Mattie are settling into life as newlyweds quite well.

“It feels funny to say husband. I love it though. I just all love all of it,” said Briana.

The couple was originally planning to get married on Valentine’s Day 2021. However, they decided to move their big day up by a year, after Briana was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer in January -- a day before her 23rd birthday.

So, with just two weeks to plan everything, the couple tied the knot.

“Somehow everything came together. It was better than I could have imagined. It was my dream wedding and then some,” said Briana.

“The ceremony, all of our friends and family, the food we had, everything was great. Our pictures turned out beautiful. I really wanted the winter wedding scene and I got it.”

With the help of family and friends, their special day was picture perfect.

“It was a lot of work, with everyone helping, to put a wedding together in two weeks but we got it done, it was beautiful,” said Stephen.

Briana Fougere Mattie and Stephen Mattie pose for a photo on their wedding day. (Lisa Delorey Photography)

A GoFundMe Page was started to help Briana and Stephen raise money for their wedding. The original goal was $2,000, however, to date the online fundraiser has raised more than $25,000.

“Can’t thank everybody who donated to decorated, the meal, the GoFundMe, it wouldn’t have been possible without that and, now that the wedding’s done, we’ll be able to use some of that money for treatments and possibly a honeymoon,” said Stephen.

As for Briana, she continues to undergo aggressive chemotherapy for her cancer.

“I still have a couple more chemo treatments before we test and see if it’s working, if we have to switch it up,” said Brianna.

“I’ve had a lot of support, but it’s hard just being tired day to day. Every day is a new challenge, you don’t know waking up how you’re gonna feel, how the day’s gonna go, so we plan everything day by day.”

Stephen says he is looking forward to Briana getting healthier so they can go on a honeymoon and celebrate their love.

“She’s incredible and strong and brave. We take it day by day,” he said.

“We’d love to go to Jasper or Banff to see Lake Louise,” said Briana. “That was where we originally wanted to get married, actually, so, it’d be nice to go there as a honeymoon and with the GoFundMe, we might be able to.”