N.S. expands vaccine rollout but Pfizer unexpectedly delayed

Nova Scotia's vaccine rollout hit a major milestone Monday; a million shots have now gone into arms across the province.

"We're at a really great spot right now, obviously more doses than we have people in the province, said Premier Iain Rankin.

The rollout is ramping up even more. Anyone who received their first dose of vaccine on or before June 15 is now able to reschedule their second dose.

"We will be administering 140,000 doses this week and another 180,000 the week following," said Rankin.

But some people are finding it hard to get an appointment.

Tracey Romkey received an email to reschedule the second vaccine for her two children but can't find a location offering Pfizer, which is the only vaccine currently approved for people under 18 in Canada.

"It seems like a lot of people are going towards, you know I got Pfizer, I wanted Pfizer for my second dose so people are doing that and not leaving enough vaccinations for the group right now that, that's the only vaccine that's approved for this age group," said Romkey.

Dr. Robert Strang said right now there are not a lot of Pfizer appointments available due to an unexpected, temporary reduction in supply. However, the province is expecting more Pfizer vaccine the week of July 25.

"Even if your child has to wait until the end of July or early August to get their Pfizer vaccine, they will still get their second dose well before they head to school," said the province's top doctor.

Strang said he is hearing reports of people waiting to book their second dose of vaccine until they can get Pfizer.

"The believe Pfizer to be a better vaccine but this is incorrect," said Strang. "Pfizer and Moderna are the same type of vaccine and are both equally effective and safe. One is not better than the other. Given the reduced Pfizer supply, and, considering the risk of the delta variant please do not wait to book your second dose."