You can't believe everything you read on social media.

A Nova Scotia MP recently took to Facebook, suggesting the provincial health authority made a mistake in warning of a potential COVID-19 exposure at a popular eatery.

However, it turns out she was wrong.

Business is picking up slowly at the Glenholme Loop Petropass restaurant, which is popular with locals and truckers alike.

Owner Crystal Blair holds a special place in the hearts of the latter group, because she went out of her way to make sure the truckers had access to meals during the COVID-19 shutdown in the spring.

She was stunned last Friday when the Nova Scotia Health Authority issued an advisory, warning of a possible COVID-19 exposure at the restaurant.

"People are calling," Blair said. "They heard staff contracted it. They heard I had it."

MP Lenore Zann stopped in at Glenholme Loop for a meal Sunday night, and said a waitress mentioned to her the positive test turned out to be false.

Zann relayed the information on her Facebook page. The problem is, it was wrong.

In a statement to CTV News, the health authority says the information posted by Zann was incorrect and that the advisory was issued based on their investigation of a positive case of COVID-19.

Zann calls it a "miscommunication" and says she was simply trying to drum up support for a local business.

"So, knowing what I know now, if that is true, if there was in fact a case, then I'll correct my statement on Facebook," Zann said. "But I still think we should support our local restaurants."

Zann did issue a correction a short time later.

Blair says it's par for the course.

"The last eight months have literally just been one thing after another," she said. "It seems like it doesn't stop."