Stairs are installed on the Rideau Canal Skateway in Ottawa long before the start of the skating season.

The National Capital Commission maintenance teams are taking advantage of the cold temperatures to begin work on the Rideau Canal Skateway.

The NCC tweeted out a video of the maintenance teams flooding the canal near Lansdowne on Saturday afternoon.

Happening now! Have you noticed our maintenance teams on the #RideauCanal Skateway today?

�� The season has not begun yet
�� Don't venture onto the ice, please!

Stay tuned for our opening date:

— RideauCanalSkateway (@NCC_Skateway) January 2, 2021

Skaters are asked to stay off the ice until the Rideau Canal Skateway opens for its 51st season. There is no word on when the canal will be ready for skating.

In a statement on its website, the NCC said it's working within public health guidelines to open the skateway during the pandemic.

"Rest assured that the necessary health and safety measures will be put in place for the 51st skating season."

Last year, the Rideau Canal Skateway opened for the season on Saturday, Jan. 18. The canal was open for 31 days of skating.

The 49th season on the Rideau Canal Skateway began on Dec. 29, 2018. The 48th season began on Jan. 5, 2018.