'Never too old to meet a challenge': Trio of Toronto octogenarians tackle CN Tower's EdgeWalk

It’s only about 16 kilometres from the Tapestry Retirement Residence to downtown Toronto, but it’s a trip that’s taken some residents more than a year to plan.

“We talked about it ... 14 months ago,” resident Bill Chapman told CTV News Toronto, “Now we’re doing it.”

It's the EdgeWalk. The popular attraction where people walk around the outside of the CN Tower’s main pod, some 116 storeys above ground.

As Chapman and two fellow residents, along with two staff members from Tapestry, arrived at the base of the tower, they looked up. Asked if he had any second thoughts, the 80 year old laughed as he said: “I’ll tell you when I get up there”.

Fellow EdgeWalker, 87-year-old Ed Simms, said he was feeling good and excited about going up. Remembering that he’d been to the top of the tower once for dinner shortly after it opened, but never imagining he’d get to walk around the outside of it.

As for the oldest member of the group, 88-year old Joan Osmond said she had no fear. “I’ve been up many towers and heights don’t bother me, so I feel quite confident about everything,” Osmond said.

Osmond said she's already crossed zip-lining and whitewater rafting off of her bucket list.

After completing their safety briefing and being fitted with their harnesses, the group rode the high-speed elevator up and stepped out on the ledge -- some 356 metres above ground.

“Visibility was perfect,” said Chapman. “You could see for miles.”

But the walkers also stepped out into some strong winds.

“It got a bit windy up there,” admitted Osmond. “It’s an experience. I’m glad I did it.”

As for Simms, he admitted he didn’t lean back off the platform, saying with a laugh “that part got to me”. Chapman said leaning over the edge was the best part of the walk, saying when he felt the rope holding him as he hung over the edge “the fear went and it was just a super experience.”

Back on solid ground, it wasn’t long before the trio of adventurous octogenarians were considering what to do next.

“Skydiving, yeah that would be fun, or parasailing,” said Osmond, adding that she was looking forward to another challenge.

“You’re never too old to meet a challenge.”