New agreement allows Nova Scotia's police oversight body to operate in New Brunswick

A new agreement between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia will allow Nova Scotia's Serious Incident Response Team (SIRT) to act as the police oversight body in both provinces.

A joint statement issued Monday says the agreement-in-principle allows both provinces to benefit from SIRT's expertise.

SIRT is an independent agency that has a mandate to investigate serious matters such as death, serious injury, sexual assault or other public-interest concerns involving the police.

New Brunswick does not have an independent police watchdog and Nova Scotia's agency had been given mandates to investigate police in the neighbouring province. Quebec's watchdog, Bureau des enquetes independantes, has also probed police-involved killings in New Brunswick.

SIRT is one of just two police oversight agencies in Canada mandated to investigate allegations of domestic violence committed by police officers.

In an interview Monday, SIRT director Felix Cacchione said the partnership is brand new and there are many details to be worked out.

Both provinces are committing to make any necessary legislative changes or policies.

Additional resources will also be required to support the expanded service.

The partnership is expected to start in 2022.

With files from The Canadian Press.