FREDERICTON -- New Brunswick is joining Nova Scotia in eliminating annual motor vehicle inspections.

The proposed changes to the Motor Vehicle Act will require inspections only every other year.

It costs $35 for drivers to get their vehicle inspected each year, that is, if there isn't anything wrong with their car.

But the New Brunswick government is looking to change that in January 2020. Starting then, New Brunswickers will only have to get their vehicles inspected once every two years at a cost of $45, which will mean a savings of $25.

"I think it's a good idea, especially on newer vehicles," said one Fredericton resident. "I don't think we should have to do them every year. I think every two years is good."

But not everyone agrees. Some say it's not about the money -- it's about the safety of the vehicles on the road.

"A lot of vehicles come through here, and a lot of them shouldn't even be on the road to start with," said Joe Hickey, the owner/operator of Devon Auto Repair. "They do need a lot of work and stuff, so I'm just thinking, after two years? The car's going to be way worse than that."

New Brunswick Public Safety Minister Carl Urquhart says he's hoping to hear more opinions on the proposed regulation. It is posted on the government website for public review until Nov. 27.

He does admit more changes could be coming.

"There is a lot of discussion," Urquhart said. "I don't want to lose a million dollars out of motor vehicle registrations and have to take it over here from health or education. If it's cost neutral, I want to look at it."

Under these proposed changes, an inspection on new vehicles will be good for three years.