New Brunswick reports one COVID-19-related death Wednesday; 57 new cases

New Brunswick is reporting another COVID-19-related death on Wednesday as the number rises to 112.

Public health confirmed that a person in their 90s in Zone 1 (Moncton region) has died as a result of the virus.

"It is always tragic to learn we have lost another person to the virus," Premier Blaine Higgs said in a release.

"This is a reminder that we all need to follow the measures in place under the mandatory order to slow the spread and move beyond the fourth wave of the pandemic."


The province is also reporting 57 new cases of COVID-19 Wednesday and 44 recoveries. There are 533 active cases.

According to public health, of the new cases, 24 – or 42.1 per cent – are unvaccinated, seven – or 12.3 per cent – are partially vaccinated, and 26 – or 45.6 per cent – are fully vaccinated.

There are 33 people hospitalized due to the virus. Eighteen are unvaccinated, three are partially vaccinated and 12 are fully vaccinated. There is currently no one 19 or under in the hospital. Of the 15 people in an intensive care unit, 12 are unvaccinated, two are partially vaccinated and one is fully vaccinated.

The total number of COVID-19-related deaths in the province is 112.


A new quick proof of COVID-19 vaccination status is now available through MyHealthNB, a secure web portal that allows New Brunswickers to access their immunization record and COVID-19 test results.

The new format displays a green checkmark with a verified status, showing that a person meets New Brunswick’s COVID-19 vaccination requirements.

It can be presented at businesses, services and events that require proof of vaccination. Individuals will still be required to present a valid government-issued ID. Previous forms of proof of vaccination, including the PDF download of a record of immunization available on MyHealthNB and the paper copy or photo of an individual’s official record of immunization, are still valid.

"This is another tool in our toolbox to allow New Brunswickers to show proof of vaccination," Dr. Jennifer Russell, chief medical officer of health, said in a release.

"This new format can be interpreted quickly and easily and allows people to limit the amount of personal health information they share when accessing services where proof of vaccination is required."

New Brunswickers are reminded that their paper record of COVID-19 immunization will continue to be the official record. Store it in a safe place, keep a copy and take a picture of it.


Mobile pickup sites are now open to provide New Brunswickers with easier access to rapid-screening kits.

Twenty mobile sites have been added across the province by Horizon Health Network. Each mobile site will be open one day a week from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

A full list of Vitalité Health Network’s 16 sites is available online.

On Tuesday, 10,739 kits were distributed.

All locations will be open during their scheduled hours or until the daily supply has been given out. New supplies of test kits will continue to be delivered to the pickup locations throughout the week.


Public health reported Wednesday that 84.3 per cent of eligible New Brunswickers are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and 92.3 per cent have received their first dose.

Health-care personnel, including those working in long-term care facilities, and residents of First Nations communities can now book an appointment to receive an mRNA COVID-19 booster dose if six months have passed since their second dose of a vaccine.

Appointments for first and second doses, as well as a booster dose for those eligible, can be scheduled for a regional health authority community COVID-19 vaccination clinic through the online booking system or at a participating pharmacy. Residents of First Nations communities can also book an appointment at a community clinic.

A list of upcoming mobile and walk-in clinics is available online.


Public health is declaring an outbreak of COVID-19 at Nazareth House, a temporary emergency shelter in Moncton.

Following confirmation of four positive cases, members of the Provincial Rapid Outbreak Management Team were deployed, and residents and staff were tested.

There are 37 confirmed cases at the facility.


The 30 new cases in Zone 1 (Moncton region) are as follows:

  • three people 19 and under;
  • four people 20-29;
  • eight people 30-39;
  • three people 40-49;
  • six people 50-59;
  • a person 60-69;
  • four people 80-89; and
  • a person 90 and over.

All of these cases are under investigation.

The 14 new cases in Zone 2 (Saint John region) are as follows:

  • a person 19 and under;
  • four people 20-29;
  • a person 30-39;
  • a person 40-49;
  • three people 50-59; and
  • four people 60-69.

All 14 cases are under investigation.

The four new cases in Zone 3 (Fredericton region) are as follows:

  • a person 20-29;
  • two people 50-59; and
  • a person 60-69.

All four cases are under investigation.

The three new cases in Zone 4 (Edmundston region) are as follows:

  • two people 20-29; and
  • a person 40-49.

All three cases are under investigation.

The two new cases in Zone 5 (Campbellton region) are as follows:

  • a person 19 and under; and
  • a person 60-69.

The two cases are under investigation.

The four new cases in Zone 7 (Miramichi region) are as follows:

  • a person 20-29;
  • two people 30-39; and
  • a person 40-49.

All four cases are under investigation.

Additional information is available on the COVID-19 dashboard.


Anyone with symptoms of the virus, as well as anyone who has been at the site of a possible public exposure, is urged to request a test online to get an appointment.

A map of potential public exposures can also be found on the COVID-19 dashboard.