A local street artist is using his medium to pay tribute to Edmonton sports legend Joey Moss.

AJA Louden has painted several murals around Edmonton using spray cans and cement walls.

After hearing of the love and admiration the city had for Moss, Louden was inspired to make a portrait in the late man's honour.

“I wanted to do something to pay tribute to somebody that was like a legend in Edmonton. I think he was a symbol that became bigger than sports, you know?” Louden told CTV News Edmonton.

The artist never met Moss, but after painting the portrait, has had many people reach out to him to share their own stories of speaking with the community icon.

“He had a long history with both professional sports team in the city, and so many people loved him.”

Louden spent five hours over Monday and Tuesday, and about 20 spray cans, to bring the portrait to life.

“So often when people told stories about him… they always keyed in on his hard work and his determination and his passion for the teams he was on.”

The mural is located on the Edmonton free art wall downtown at 95 Street and 105 Avenue. 

Moss died at the age of 57 on Oct. 26.