New creative industries campus to be built in downtown Kitchener


Conestoga College has announced plans to build a creative industries campus in downtown Kitchener.

The school will have a variety of programs, including: game-art, artificial intelligence in design, visual design, special effects, virtual reality merchandising, motion graphics, and esport as well as animation, game design, interactive design, virtual reality production, visual merchandising and video production.

The school said the campus is part of a collaborative initiative with the City of Kitchener.

In a press release, Conestoga College added that: "these leading-edge programs will attract new talent and support the success of established, startup and scaling companies within the city" and "prepare students for in-demand creative careers."

The school expects to double its program offerings and will include diplomas, degrees and graduate certificate programs.

The announcement, made Friday morning at the Kitchener Public Library, was attended by the college's president John Tibbits, the head of the creative industries school, Mayor Berry Vrbanovic and regional councillors.

"We'll have an opportunity for the students to engage right here in our downtown core, with all kinds of creative industries that are existing, and also to have those groups and organizations to benefit from the new thoughts and ideas that will come from the students," said Ward 10 Councillor Sarah Marsh.

No location or timeline has been released for the new campus.

The school said the state-of-the-art facility will have animation studios, design labs, art rooms, fabrication labs, augmented reality and visual effects labs, as well as collaborative and exhibit areas.

Vrbanovic said that those details will be sorted out in the coming months.