New Edmonton rec centre result of city-school collaboration

An Edmonton high school has partnered with the city to create a new southwest recreation facility that will be used by students and the public.

The Dr. Anne Anderson Community Centre boasts three gymnasiums, a fitness centre, and artificial turf designed for training. The new facility also includes meeting and program rooms, as well as a running track.

Brad Badger, director of community events in the city's rec facilities department, said the city’s partnership with Edmonton Public Schools is what made the extension of the Dr. Anne Anderson High School possible.

“I think this really could be a springboard to basically giving recreation amenities to areas that are either emerging or it’s going to be a long time before the city can build a rec centre,”said Badger. “This gives recreation opportunities far in advance of that.”

Edmonton city council contributed $5.5 million toward the project.

According to Badger, most amenities at the facility will be open to the public, while some programs will be solely for school students.

The recreation centre is located in Heritage Valley at 11810 35 Ave. in southwest Edmonton.