New game lets users remotely control robots to play mini golf

A new game is allowing users to remotely control robots from their phones to play rounds of mini golf.

The studio behind the app development, 54e Studios, refers to it as “connected reality technology.”

“OneShot Golf” is played through an app that allows users to pilot one of 50 robots in a converted warehouse in Regina, Sask.

After downloading the app, players can see their robo-putter and the mini-golf course through a camera attached to the robot, and in real time users control their shots and how much power they put into their swing.

The app is currently only available for users in North America, and has been downloaded approximately 9,500 times, with more than 180,000 rounds of mini-golf played – equalling about one million putts as of the end of March, a spokesperson for 54e Studios said.

“It’s a really amazing thing, we operate a warehouse full of golfing robots here in Regina,” co-founder and chief technical officer of OneShot Golf, Tim Borgares, told CTV’s Your Morning Monday.

“We started this project with a belief that you really just can’t fake real – real-time, real golf balls, real physics, we discovered that there is very little in the world that is truly real-time and we really set out to change that and wanted to do something really unique in the world,” he said.

Users may also see real OneShot Golf staff members holding signs with tips and encouragement while they play.

“We brought in our live course hosts, they’ll give you a wave and give you some encouragement while they go along and it really hits home how unique the experience is,” Borgares said.

Borgares said OneShot Golf is looking to expand its robot fleet to include 40 more units to avoid wait lists and hopes to expand the course in the future.