New hockey advisory company showcasing growing market

Regina based TrailBlazer Hockey Advisors Inc. is an amateur hockey advisory and agency group led by hockey and business professionals.

TrailBlazer only began in Jan. 2022 and has already grown to help hockey players in not just Canada and the United States but Europe and Asia as well.

“We don’t target the top kid on the ice. We can actually service and help any kid of any level that just wants to advance their hockey game and academics,” said CEO, Wayne Kosior.

Former scout, Wayne Kosior and former National Hockey League (NHL) player and Regina Pat Alumni, Nevin Markwart are the head of the company alongside their business partner Raze Sports.

“Not all of our clients will go to NCAA D one, or will play in the NHL, AHL, or even Europe,” said chief operating officer (COO), Markwart. “But all of them will have long fruitful lives that I believe the hockey player mindset we endeavour to teach our young players and their families, will be what is endearing.”

There are over 250,000 registered U13 through U16 players in Canada and the United States and with expenses and growth of the game on the global scale, it pushes more athletes to turn to advisors for help.

“It’s extremely expensive these days and with some parents spending $20,000 to $60,000 a year, it makes sense to have an advisor that you’re making an investment with, with your money,” said Kosior.

In order for players to seek a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) contract in hockey, they must seek the help of an advisor.

Mitchell Watson spent five seasons in the Alberta Junior Hockey League (AJHL) and wanted to take his hockey career to the collegiate level with the help of TrailBlazer.

“When you’re playing a 60 game season in junior, it’s hard to connect with schools and it kind of takes a load off of you and lets you focus on hockey,” said Watson. “Advisors do really help you. They have the best interest in you.”

Watson signed an NCAA contract with Manhattanville College in New York State last week.

“Baseball, basketball, football in the United States - it’s high school, then college, then pro, but in hockey you can end up all over the place,” said Markwart. “That ecosystem is very complicated.”

NHL agencies are among the hundreds of growing advisory companies in North America. Kosior believes this is an ever growing business.

“There is a huge need in the marketplace. Hockey and navigating its pathways is extremely complex in today’s world and that’s where we come in,” said Kosior.

More information on TrailBlazer Hockey Advisors can be found here.