Tenants of a new luxury apartment building in Langford are being allowed in after being turned away on the initial move-in day because the building had not yet received an occupancy permit from the city.

The issue began Wednesday when residents tried to move into Hedstrom House, a 119-unit building located at 1060 Goldstream Ave.

The tenants were turned away, however, because the city still required last-minute documents from the building’s developer, Ironclad Developments.

“What happened – and it’s unprecedented, I should say – is very recently we had an additional request from the City of Langford for some technical information,” said Lauren Clemens, general counsel and director of corporate affairs for Ironclad on Wednesday.

The city would not grant an occupancy permit until the technical documents were received and reviewed.

Now, Ironclad says that the city has reviewed the requested documents and has issued the building occupancy permit.

“Ironclad Developments is pleased to confirm the issuance of the phased building permit for Hedstrom House,” said Ironclad CEO Ryan Van Damme in a statement Friday.

While the building contains 119 units, only roughly 30 tenants were affected by the delay as residents are moving in on a staggered schedule.

All tenants that were affected by the delay were provided accommodations, storage and per diems by Ironclad.

The company, which has built previous buildings in Langford, says that it is grateful for the relationship it has with the city.

“I feel they truly have done a tremendous job keeping up with the rapid growth and are in my opinion a prime example of how many other cities should operate across the country,” said Van Damme.

Last year, a different high rise in Langford had its occupancy permit revoked by the City of Langford.

All residents of the building, Danbrook One, were told to vacate the high rise due to concerns over its structural integrity if a major earthquake occurred.