New Liskeard's ‘COVID Busters’ create music video with Ghostbusters theme to promote school safety

If you see a ghost, who are you gonna' call? Ghostbusters.

But if someone catches COVID-19, you will have to call the ‘COVID Busters.’

The COVID Busters are a group of special education students at Timiskaming District Secondary School who star in a music video the school made promoting health measures to keep students and staff safe.

“Because of COVID, we have to wash our hands and stay safe and keep our masks on,” said Grade 10 student Arieal Williams.

Students and staff at the school’s TLC 123 High Support Program made the video to promote school safety.

“We all need to stay safe and get rid of COVID! Pronto!” said Grade 9 student Ben Baerg.

Each day, the students dance to a version of the movie's theme entitled ‘Just Dance Ghostbusters.’ From there they made up their own lyrics to the Ghostbusters theme song and COVID Busters was born.

“The idea of COVID Busters came very much from Ben who is a lover of the Ghostbusters," said teacher Vanessa Montminy.

In the video, the students are dressed up like the Ghostbusters and they sing about trying to mitigate the spread of the virus by staying six feet apart, washing their hands and wearing masks.

“Everyone has to wear their masks just like us and I wanted to spread the message far across the province,” said Baerg.

The Timiskaming Health Unit posted the music video on its Facebook page. It currently has more than 2,200 views.

 “It’s nice to hear the creative messaging from people they may not have heard of to know how seriously this class is taking COVID,” said Dr. Glenn Corneil, the health unit’s acting medical officer of health

The students are challenging other schools to create their own video promoting school safety.

To see the full music video, click here.