The Government of Alberta says its new child care subsidy application form will make the process easier for parents and save the province a million dollars.

The province launched its new Child Care Subsidy Application — which Albertans can now fill out on their phone, tablet or laptop, in October as a test — as a test in October and has received 6,500 applications since.

"This new application site streamlines the process but also gives parents a much more user-friendly experience," said Children's Services Minister Rebecca Schultz at Kids3 Daycare, where the province officially launched the new tool.

Previously, parents had to use a desktop of fill out a paper application, a process Schultz called "incredibly cumbersome."

The minister added government workers received an estimated 87,000 phone calls per year from parents who needed help to apply for child care subsidy through the old process, and expects the new application will free up staff for other work and save the province up to $1.1 million per year.