New orchard is part of Canadore College's environmental sustainability initiative

Trees have been planted at Canadore College's two locations in North Bay, as part of the institution's environmental sustainability efforts.

"They're going to be apple, pear and plum trees," said Jesse Russell, sustainable development project leader at Canadore.

"It's part of our food security project. Additionally, we want to inspire our staff, students as well as the community to plant gardens and orchards of their own."

Russell told CTV News many people will benefit from the fruit on the trees once they have grown.

"Being the Canadore community orchard, we want to be able to share this with the community, we want students to come pick an apple, clean it … and eat it," he said.

"We want to be a catalyst for change … We want to help create food sovereignty for rural and Indigenous communities and create a better world."

College vice-president Shawn Chorney said the school wants to be a leader in encouraging eco-friendly change.

"If everyone does their part like we're trying to, there won't be people going hungry, there won't be people on the corner hungry and people in our classrooms hungry, asking for food," Chorney said.

The Canadore orchard is also another step forward in the college's goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2031.