New PRESTO card changes: Here's everything you need to know

Facebook/Toronto Transit Commission

The TTC has introduced some changes to their PRESTO card system, some of which come into effect today.

The TTC is introducing new screens that will tell riders the balance of their PRESTO cards when they swipe into a fare gate or onto a bus or streetcar.

The first changes came into effect on Sept. 25, when PRESTO card reader screens on all TTC buses and streetcars began showing balances.

Starting today, balances will also be shown when a rider swipes through a fare gate.

The screens will also include additional details. For example, if a rider’s PRESTO card is declined, they will be informed as to the reasoning.

Fare gates will also notify as to when a child’s card is being used. When a child’s card is swiped, a three-toned chime sound and flashing yellow light will activate.

The agency says that customers using a Fair Pass Discount Program fare type will hear one beep from the reader and fare gate when they tap their card, instead of two.

Last month, the TTC announced their plans to install antimicrobial copper coatings that can kill 99.9 per cent of bacteria on high-touch surfaces on buses, subway cars, and streetcars.