Region of Waterloo Public Health officials said there's no current shortage of COVID-19 vaccines in the region.

As vaccine rollout picks up across the province, some health regions, like Toronto, are running out of doses.

It's not known if the shortage will hit Waterloo Region.

Since the first dose was administered at Grand River Hospital last month, more than 5,000 people have received their vaccine.

"As of closing yesterday, we are at 5,142 vaccinations that were administered," said WRPS Deputy Chief Shirley Hilton.

The region is only getting Pfizer doses right now and they've been given to health-care workers.

The head of the local vaccine Taskforce said more clinics will be mobilized to long-term care homes in the region.

"The goal is continue with the vaccinations of about 650 people per day," Hilton said.

The vaccination clinic at Toronto's University Health Network ran out of doses on Friday.

"I certainly understand that this is the most valuable and desired product on the face of the earth right now, everyone is working hard, it is nobody's fault," Dr. Kevin Smith said.

Officials expect shortages elsewhere.

"Other hospitals also will and it's simply because we ramped up capacity so fast and now the capacity is so great, we can't fill it with vaccines because we don't have them," Gen. Rick Hillier said.

More doses are expected next week.

"We're going to stop and start for a few weeks yet, because vaccine allocations are still very small," Hillier said.

Hilton said it's unclear whether Waterloo Region will face a shortage in the coming days.

"We are working with what we do have and booking those appointments," she said. "I can't speak to whether if we will be running out, we run with what we know we have and what we are getting."

The Moderna vaccine is currently only available in major COVID-19 hotspots. The province said three more public health units will start getting them next week.

Local officials said they haven't been told if Waterloo Region is included.