North America's first bunny cafe now open in Vancouver

North America's first bunny cafe has opened in Vancouver, but its name is a bit of a misnomer, at least for now.

The Bunny Cafe has plenty of bunnies - 22 of them, all available for adoption - but not much "cafe" at the moment.

"Because of COVID, we had to delay the food operations in the cafe," said Michelle Furbacher, owner of the Bunny Cafe.

"So, technically, right now, we are just a retail space where you can visit with the bunnies."

The idea for the Bunny Cafe grew out of Furbacher's other adoptable-animal cafe: the cat cafe called - logically - Catfe.

"A few years ago, when we were working with the SPCA, they sort of ran out of cats to give us," Furbacher said. "We had talked about potentially doing a pop-up with bunnies at Catfe, so it seemed like kind of the perfect timing."

The bunny event, which Catfe put on with the help of Rabbitats Rescue Society, proved to be quite popular, Furbacher said.

Now, after a year's worth of delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and construction challenges, Furbacher and Rabbitats are collaborating again on the Bunny Cafe.

The storefront is located at 1696 Venables St., just around the corner from Commercial Drive.

Visitors can pay $15.95 plus GST for a 55-minute visit with adoptable bunnies in the storefront, but reservations are required. Those interested can book a visit at the cafe's website

Furbacher expects to be able to offer visitors food and drink with their reserved bunny time later this year.