A dispute between a father and son June 5 at a residence on Algonquin Avenue in North Bay escalated, police say, when one of them attacked the other with a sword. (File)

After much speculation in North Bay Monday night, police say bones found under an overpass are not human.

"I’m not sure what info if any was released earlier, but I noticed on Twitter that some outlets may be aware of some found bones in North Bay," said Sgt. Paul Brewer, of North Bay Police Service, in an email Monday night.

A police presence around the Trout Lake overpass caused rumours to swirl, however, officials said there is no cause for alarm.

@CTVNewsNorthern @NorthBayNip @NorthBayToday @yourtvnorthbay @ClarkeHeipel North Bay police and forensics unit at the TLR overpass between mountainview and giroux. Look like they’re looking at/for something under the overpass

— Ron Clancy (@ronaldclancy) October 5, 2020

"This is to confirm that bones found under the Trout Lake overpass are not human in origin," said Brewer. "I don’t have any additional information to update, and I don’t anticipate any further investigation will be required at this point."