North Bay Police Service headquarters. Jan. 31/20 (Megan Evans/CTV Northern Ontario)

You may not be thinking about biking right now, but the North Bay Police Service is.

It’s bringing back bike and foot patrols in the downtown area this summer. 

"My first, main goal with the bicycle program is actually to have the program implemented and have officers riding this summer," said Police Chief Scott Tod. "The second part is to increase our relationship with the community and having positive experiences with the people in the bicycle paths of North Bay at the waterfront and in the downtown core."

The bike and foot patrols stopped because of short staffing but will be reinstated after the addition of four new members to the police service. 

Tod says the patrol has always been very well received by the community. 

"I’ve never received a negative comment about people on bicycle patrol, but always positive compliments. People enjoy having an officer on a bicycle they can talk to, ride with on a bicycle on any number of pathways across the city. And I think it’s good for our community relations with the people we serve," said Tod.

Downtown business owners say adding bike and foot patrols is a great thing. 

Barry Klus, who owns two downtown businesses, says he feels safe downtown, but that the area does have some bad perceptions. He says adding patrol officers could be very helpful with getting rid of those perceptions. 

"We’ve had bike patrol before in the past and I think it just enhances a lot of things downtown when it comes to public safety and the presence of the police and their work they can do in the community," said Klus. "We’re certainly all for it and especially if we see some walking patrols too."