Adrian Catahan

NORTH BAY – A North Bay tennis prodigy is moving up in the tennis world.

Tennis coach Casey Curtis, who worked in the development of 2016 Wimbledon finalist and Canadian tennis superstar Milo Raonic, has taken 16-year-old tennis sensation Adrian Catahan under his wing.

"It's a dream come true… I'm hoping to be the next Milos Raonic," said Catahan.

With an impressive number of accolades already under his belt, like the Ace Provincial Tournament and a 2016 Mini Wimbledon title, Catahan is aiming for the top.

"Being with Coach Casey I feel like he's going to build my rankings even more," said Catahan.

Catahan is currently ranked in the top 100 in the province in the U-16 division.

"His character is tremendous. He's a really hard worker and very thoughtful about himself and the other players," said Curtis.

Casey sees a lot of potential in Catahan. The two have been training together for the last three weeks.

"He listens really well. He's got a lot of athletic ability. He's been well trained by the local coach," explained Curtis.

"I know he's really an expert in serving and he's taught me a lot in the serve. He's worked on my forehand, backhand, base-line, and decision making," said Catahan.

Adrian's former coach says he couldn't be more proud seeing one of his players he's worked with for such a long time moving up in the sport.

"It just shows you that it is possible even with limited facilities over here and less facilities than they have down south in bigger areas. It is possible to really excel," said Fransua Rachmann, Adrian's former coach.

"I'm just going to work hard. I can't wait for the future and seeing what tournaments I'll be playing," expressed Catahan.

Catahan is preparing for his next big tournament, the Provincial Super Series later this month with perhaps Canada's greatest tennis coach at his side.