SUDBURY – Five candidates running in Northern Ontario for the NDP were gathered in Sudbury on September 30.

Charlie Angus, the incumbent for Timmins – James Bay, and Carol Hughes, the incumbent of Algoma – Manitoulin – Kapuskasing were on hand.

They joined several other local candidates, and their theme was making life more affordable for Northerners.

"We're seeing young people who are facing crushing levels of debt. We're saying we will stop immediately all interest on student debt, then we will start the conversation as how do we make post-secondary education more affordable," said Angus.

"Without affordable housing, without help, without significant investment in health care, including pharma care, including dentistry that are now out of pocket expenses, which people will go without rather than fill a prescription," said Beth Mairs, Sudbury NDP Candidate.

Beth Mairs is running in Sudbury, Stef Paquette is a candidate in Nickel Belt, and Rob Boulet is running in Nipissing-Timiskaming.