A cold November rain is in the forecast for Sunday.

Environment Canada's forecast for Ottawa predicts rain showers to start late in the morning and continue through the afternoon.

The afternoon high is 9°C, which is in line with the seasonal average.

Rain showers should taper off by the evening but, after midnight, expect flurries and a low of 1°C.

It will be dark much earlier today. Following the return to standard time overnight, the sunset for Nov. 1 is scheduled for 4:50 p.m. 

The sun rose at 6:42 a.m. Sunday.

Monday's forecast is partly cloudy with a temperature hovering around 0°C for much of the day. There is a 40 per cent chance of flurries through the afternoon.

Tuesday's outlook is partly cloudy with a 30 per cent chance of rain showers or snow flurries and a high of 4°C.

Temperatures then climb into the double digits to end out the week. The long-term outlook includes partly sunny days from Wednesday to Saturday, with highs above 10°C.

Coldest Hallowe'en in decades

Ottawa experienced the coldest Hallowe'en morning in decades on Saturday.

The official low temperature at the Ottawa Airport was -8.4°C, well below the previous airport record of -6.1°C set in 1988; however, the temperature does not match the coldest known recorded low for Oct. 31.

In 1925, weather observers in the capital recorded a low of -10.6°C on Oct. 31. 

By Saturday afternoon, the temperature warmed to a high of 6.5°C, which is about two to three degrees cooler than the seasonal average for this time of year.