(Oak Bay Police)

Oak Bay police say they are investigating after a suspicious man was reportedly spotted near the Oak Bay Recreation Centre over the past several days.

Police say they first received a report of the man on Jan. 1. At the time, a 14-year-old youth told police that she had seen a man place a teddy bear on a sidewalk near the recreation centre around 2:15 p.m. on Dec. 30.

The teen picked up the teddy bear, at which point the man approached her and initiated a conversation.

Several days later, on Jan. 3, the same youth told police that she spotted the man in the area again. She told officers that he was once again placing a teddy bear on the sidewalk.

After the second incident occurred, police said they searched for the man in the area and asked nearby residents about him.

He is described as a man in his mid-20’s to mid-30’s who stands roughly 6’ tall and weighs approximately 190 pounds. He has black hair and was seen riding a white bicycle.

Police say the investigation is ongoing.