OC Transpo buses in gridlock at Hurdman Station.

OC Transpo has cancelled pending layoffs for bus drivers, as the final stage of the launch of LRT is completed.

In a memo to city council issued this afternoon, Transit Manager John Manconi wrote the original 339 layoffs were now down to 201.

He says those layoffs are no longer required because during the long delays to launch LRT, OC Transpo “carefully managed vacancies and retirees”, and offered other job opportunities to people within OC Transpo.   

“This will result in no layoffs to staff as they will be deployed to…vacant positions and service areas. The affected unions are being notified today that employee termination notices that were issued in 2018, are being rescinded” Manconi wrote.

Councillor Allan Hubley, the chair of the Transit Commission lauded Manconi for this “achievement’, saying “this will help create more service improvements for OC Transpo customers.”