OTTAWA - OC Transpo fares increased today as a fare freeze came to an end.

City council delayed the 2.5 per cent increase that was supposed to come into effect on January 01, 2019 because the Light Rail System was delayed.

Online OC Transpo writes: “All fares, except the EquiPass, Community Pass and Access Pass, will increase an average of 2.5 percent to keep pace with inflation and the cost of providing transportation. The EquiPass, Community Pass and Access Pass rates will not increase and will remain at the current fare.”

The increase means a cash fare will rise to from $3.50 to $3.60, but it will cost $3.55 on a Presto Card. 

A monthly adult pass is going up from $116 to $119.50. A monthly youth pass now costs $92.25 and a senior pass $45.50. The EquiPass, Community Pass and Access Pass rates are not increasing.

There are plans to increase fares again come Jan. 01, 2020.