(West Shore RCMP)

A young fawn that was stuck in an iron gate was freed by first responders Wednesday.

The baby deer, with its worried mother nearby, was found on a property on Porcher Place in Colwood around 10:30 p.m.

West Shore RCMP were the first to arrive on the scene and saw the deer was “frantically struggling to get out of the fence.”

Police then called Colwood Fire and Rescue to help assist with freeing the deer.

Firefighters had to use a hydraulic spreader to bend the bars of the metal gate so that the fawn could slip free.

“The homeowners were very understanding and gave permission to manipulate the fence as required but Colwood Fire and Rescue was able to restore the fence to near original state,” said Const. Nancy Saggar of the West Shore RCMP in a release Friday.

“We are happy to report the fawn was freed and reunited with its mother,” she said.

Saggar notes that while most wildlife complaints go to the BC Conservation Officer Service, no conservation officers were available at the time so RCMP assisted with the call.