OHL suspends first-round NHL draft pick Logan Mailloux 'indefinitely'

Warning: This story covers content some might find distressing.

The Ontario Hockey League (OHL) has suspended London Knights player Logan Mailloux indefinitely, the league announced on Thursday.

According to a statement, Commissioner David Branch made the decision as a result of an incident that occurred November 2020 in Sweden, while the defenceman was on loan to SK Lejon.

It was during this time Mailloux was investigated after allegedly distributing a photo of a woman and himself engaged in a sexual act. The photo was taken without the woman’s consent.

He was charged with defamation and criminal photography and ordered to pay a fine

In a release back in July, the London Knights said, “The team was aware of a situation involving Mailloux, and team staff are working with Logan, to help him better understand his actions, the ramifications of his actions and ensuring that this does not happen again.”

Former Team Canada women's hockey team Head Coach Danièle Sauvageau, told CTV News that she would like the NHL to develop clear and strong protocols to help its members, but also make sure that they send a strong statement that sexual assault is completely unacceptable.

Branch said the incident violated the league’s expectation of the appropriate conduct of an OHL player.

Mailloux will have the opportunity to apply for reinstatement to the OHL on or after January 1, 2022.

The statement from the OHL goes on to say that, "A decision regarding reinstatement will be based in part on his [Mailloux's] conduct since his return to Canada and the appropriate treatment, counselling, mentoring and or education he receives from the date of this decision."

CTV News has reached out to the London Knights and Mailloux, both have declined to comment at this time.