'Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity': DWBIA looking for creative thinkers to revitalize core

The Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association (DWBIA) is calling on the arts community to be on standby to help revitalize the city core.

Local artists, sculptors, architects, designers and creative thinkers are encouraged to come forward with downtown beautification and transformation in mind.

“This could be very exciting,” says DWBIA Chair Brian Yeomans.

“These expressions of interest may open doors for artists for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in magnifying the beauty of our city.”

Yeomans says it’s a concerted effort to support, highlight and leverage the work of those in the local community, adding anyone interested needs at least two years of professional experience in the arts to submit their work.

“We have such great talent in this city and it’s a great opportunity to see who is still here.” Yeomans explains. “We’ve worked with some of them in the past but we’re looking for basically everybody!”

Expressions of interest will be catalogued, and creatives will be contacted by the DWBIA on an as-needed basis to participate, if selected.

“They’re taking about districting and so fourth, I think this is a perfect opportunity to piggyback on that and work along side.”