Once in a lifetime opportunity for first responder from Barrie

Firefighter, COVID-19 survivor, Barrie resident Kelli Gunn received a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to throw the first pitch at the Blue Jays game Wednesday.

Gunn, who serves with the Toronto Fire Services, was nominated by some colleagues in her department.

Speaking with CTV News right after the first pitch, Gunn remembers the call for opportunity as well as the call when they told her she had Covid-19. "it was terrifying to get the phone call that you are positive, and it was terrifying, but we pulled through, me and my son pulled through, and now to do this it's surreal, unbelievable."

Gunn, her mother and son all contracted COVID-19 earlier this year.

Gunn's mother sadly passed with the virus. A few months later, her father died of an unknown illness.

Gunn and her son no longer have COVID-19, but she still has long-term complications from the virus.

She said she was nervous about throwing the first pitch, but did her best and is grateful for the opportunity.

With files from CTV's Alessandra Carneiro.